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Buy Yoga Products Made In The USA

bemindful     When those of us from the military family say, “We went to war, while America went to the mall,” we’re not exaggerating. While the tarmacs welcoming home soldiers from war were sparsely attended, the malls remained packed.  It used to be –back in the prehistoric dinosaur days, that we bought less, and what we had lasted for years. At some point, shopping became a past time. People buy things they don’t need to fill a void that used to be filled through family, friends, hobbies, sports, church, and cultural events. We went from buying when we could afford it, to buying on credit. Savings -even the concept of it, disappeared, and in its place were cheaply made goods stacked in closets and piled in rooms as though they were a pirate’s lair.  We didn’t question where the goods were from, as much as whether it was cheap enough to toss into a cart along with the paper towels, treating the goods as though they were another disposable.

Sadly, what also became disposable were American jobs and American workers. Today, when the unemployment rate is high for everyone, the number of post 9/11 veterans without jobs is rising.

In raw numbers, 203,000 post-9/11 veterans were unemployed in February. One year ago that number totaled 154,000. -Bill Briggs, NBC News, March 8, 2013

Unemployment isn’t just a financial crisis -a job helps with one’s self-identity. For veterans, who are out on their own and missing the camaraderie of their peers, employment is part of wellness.

So we’re asking yoga-doers everywhere to be mindful about how much they purchase, and to know the source. Buy less. Be picky about where things are from. Because we know the way to keep communities health and happy is to keep locals employed. That yoga mat? The pants? Block? Search for products made in the USA.

Watch this Vimeo from Verve founder Christian Griffith.