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So You Want To Teach At The VA?

Recently, I’ve been receiving questions about how to start a class at a VA hospital. I wish my answer was as simple as, “Well here is how you do it…”, but it’s nowhere near that simple.

For those of you trying to set up a class at your local VA,  I have once piece of advice: just keep trying. It takes time.

Don’t just make phone calls. Make sure you’re physically going to VA to talk to people, as well as trying to make contacts through social networking. Sooner or later, you’ll meet someone who supports you and will work with you to get something going.

I know most people want to head straight to the PTSD or Mental Health clinic, but that shouldn’t be your only stop. One of the first times I went into the VA in Las Vegas, the Occupational Therapy team was interested in talking with me.

Also, check into your local Vet Centers. They typically offer more activities and it may be easier to attach to a program that is already functioning. At one of the Vet Centers here they have a program called “MOVE” for overweight and inactive Veterans, which I will be presenting a yoga program to over the summer. So try to think outside the box and you may find something that way.

It can get frustrating when you feel as if you are talking to so many different people, who seem interested, but it never goes any further. But trust me, if you keep at it and this work really becomes something that you are passionate about, then sooner or later it will work out.