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It’s A Community

When planning the War Photographers’ Retreat, we decided to approach those we are serving as a community, not as  individual players. Hence, applicants may apply to bring a spouse, partner, or direct assistant (like an interpreter who worked with them) to the event. The stress and separation of these difficult assignments effects not only the individual, but often those closest to them.  To apply, just hit the word on the top menu bar, fill in the blanks, and hit “submit.” We hope to see you there.

Welcome Friends: August is not so far away

John Davis, Jason Mace, David Kelso and Tim Hetherington

Idil Ibrahim, the love of Tim’s life, told me over breakfast: “Tim thought that strangers were friends yet to be met.”  And it’s true. Described as “The Prince” amongst NY journalists, Tim was one of the easiest persons to talk to. Or as a soldier wrote to me: “I used to try to talk to him every chance I had in the Korengal. We’d sit outside at night, and I’d listen to all of his stories.”

Tim and Idil with Sgt. Aron Hijar, Sgt. Misha Pemble Belkin, Daniela and Sebastian Junger at the Oscars.

In other words, people didn’t remain strangers for very long. The image  in the header for this blog is Tim with Sgt Marc Solowski, Sgt Tad Donoho in the Korengal Valley, Afghanistan, 2008. It was taken by Sgt. Santana Rueda.  They embraced him as a brother, and he hugged right back. The military support community embraced Tim as a son as well. (If you want to know, Solowski is getting ready to go back to college, Donoho and Rueda are still in the U.S. Army).

On this blog you’ll find information about the upcoming War Photographers’ Retreat. Click through the menu items at the top.  We also have a swell Facebook page, we’ll be updating daily. If you’re with the media and want to contact us, please go to the top and click “Contact.” Thanks for stopping by. We’ve only just begun.