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Georgia Tech To Hold Job Placement Event for Savannah Area Vets

Hire HeroGeorgia Tech will hold a job placement event for Veterans and people transitioning out of the military.  It will take place  December 16 at 2pm at the Georgia Tech Savannah campus and is sponsored by the university’s Veterans Education, Training and Transition program. CLICK for more info.

Finding a Job: Stress Reduction Through Preparation with Ranger Up

There are all sorts of stresses that our readers have, and it’s just not limited to PTSD. One of the most daunting prospects anyone faces when transitioning from the military to civilian is how to earn your living.

The job search can be an overwhelming and stressful time for anyone looking for a job. Ranger Up CEO Nick Palmisciano does a great job in a four part series for veterans in search of employment: from the approach to the interview.

Jobs: Tai Chi Instructor Opening, Camp Pendleton

Closing date: October 26. Please see the link below for details.

This came up on USA JOBS, the portal for civilian employment in the armed forces. It’s for a PART TIME position, which is important to remember because the salary below is quoted for a full time position. So the pay is half of what you see listed. They’re forced to list it this way –remember, it’s a government job and there are all sorts of requirements. Ditto that for the interview. You’ll be asked lots of questions that seem weird considering it’s a TaiChi/Wellness job. But you’ll be asked how you get along with others, how to describe a situation where things weren’t working out –standard government weirdness questions.

Anyway, what makes this job special is it’s funded through Navy Medicine –rather than a contracted job for a teacher through the Fitness Centers. This is a bold step in the right direction, and we applaud their decision to take this move. Recently, they hired their first part time yoga instructor to work with the Department of Alternative Medicine, which is associated with the hospital. Tai Chi and Yoga are wonderful adjunct therapies to nourish mind, body, spirit.

Opening, Hope & Care Center, Camp Pendleton. Click for more info.

 We’re guessing it might be to work with wounded warriors through the hospital. Camp Pendleton recently opened its new Hope and Care Center. Read about it here.  Please do ample research on their wounded warrior regiment, the hospital. Plus, some soul searching is recommended. Decide whether or not you want to work with this population. The Marines uphold and deeply abide by their values of  Honor, Courage, Commitment. They don’t sign up for the Marines, they become Marines.  The same is expected of anyone working with them. This is a point that Jillian, Dave and I can’t stress enough.

Link to the job is here.


Department:Department Of The Navy

Agency:Naval Medical Command

Job Announcement Number:SW10601-R3-513594PD079564-D


$42,199.00 to $54,862.00 / Per Year


Tuesday, September 13, 2011 to Wednesday, October 26, 2011




Part Time 20 hours – Term NTE 366 Days




Few vacancy(s) – Camp Pendleton, CAView Map


United States Citizens


The Navy and Marine Corps team offers innovative, exciting and meaningful work linking military and civilian talents to achieve our mission and safeguard our freedoms. Department of the Navy provides competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits, and extensive professional development and training. From pipe fitters to accountants, scientists to engineers, doctors to nurses-the careers and opportunities to make a difference are endless. Civilian careers-where purpose and patriotism unite!

This announcement is being amended to extend the closing date to Thursday, October 26th, 2011.