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Free Yoga for Veterans at Soul At Home

PRESS RELEASE  October 5, 2011

Popular yoga studio Soul at Home is pleased to announce its association with the national service organization Yoga For Vets.  Through Yoga For Vets, Soul at Home is offering five free classes to combat veterans at our studio located at 17612 E. 17th St., Tustin, CA 92780.  Soul at Home is the first yoga studio in Orange County, CA to reach out to the veteran and military population.

“Research conducted by Harvard and funded by the Department of Defense, has shown yoga to be effective in reducing anxiety, stress and depression, as well as alleviating the flight or fight response,” said Paul Zipes, a former Navy Diver who founded Yoga For Vets.  “We’re grateful Soul at Home is taking this bold step to help veterans in Tustin, CA. Kanani Fong, an advisor to Yoga For Vets and also a military spouse said, “When a local yoga studio signs on, it means they understand the stress of deployments, and PTSD just isn’t one person or their family’s problem. It’s a call for the community to come together and local find solutions to help those who serve find their breath once again.”

Soul at Home is proud to partner with Yoga for Vets because we believe in health and wellbeing for all. Yoga provides a holistic approach to calm the nervous system, lower heart rate, blood pressure and provides numerous tools that can be used stressful environments. The physical practice improves, strength, coordination and balance, as well as increases flexibility. We feel Yoga would be of great value to vets, especially those who have served in combat zones.  We are honored to help support our local veterans; we hope the classes and services offered at Soul at Home will not only change the lives of our vets but also positively impact their families and the larger community.