Jerry Vest’s Reading List: Keeping Up The Good Fight

Jerry Vest
Jerry Vest

It can’t be said that Jerry Vest took the easy way when he chose a profession. An Army veteran, and a social worker, Jerry Vest has devoted much of his life to helping men and women once they come home from war. Recently retired from Ft. Bliss,  he was the Senior Social Worker at the  US Army Warrior Restoration & Resilience Center (R & R Center).  In addition to being a primary therapist for warriors diagnosed with PTSD, he also was the head of Continuing Health Education, which offered a daily meditation/relaxation program, participated in weekly therapeutic outings, and facilitated their weekly, water polo activity. Just read his professional resume, and chew on this breadth of dedication and experience for awhile. 

Jerry combines academic knowledge, hands-on clinical experience, and lifetime wisdom to help thousands of people coming home from war. We’re struck by a passion that doesn’t seem to wane. His life path was not an easy one, hence, there was never a need to be self-promotional. Rather, he took the long path, and the beneficiaries are the tens of thousands he’s helped.

JerryVestHolisticHealthReadingListRecently, Jerry posted one of his reading lists, Recommended Holistic Health Bibliography. 

Jerry writes: “I have been engaged in the Dalai Lama’s interaction with Brain Science. Seems our science can learn much from Tibetan Buddhism about our Mind-Brain-Body interaction and processes.”

Dig through this reading list. There’s nothing to be lost for taking the long path: learning is a path of discovery, which can be both a pleasure and empowering.

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