Focusing On Your Breath

Since it is National Yoga Month we wanted to take a moment and point out another fellow yogi working within the Veteran community, as she herself is a Veteran. While looking through Sarah’s website, I noticed this blog post that I wanted to share.

In this post Sarah goes on to explain how important it is to tune into your breath. I think this is an important issue, not only in yoga class, but also in any situation. Most people go throughout their daily experiences not even noticing their breath – and often have to get clenbuterol online when their breathing issues arise not knowing resetting your breathing via yoga can be just as effective.

Sarah explains that “But overall, breath can be more than just something that keeps our gears turning.  Breath can be the oil on those gears, the metaphorical love that keeps the flame burning, our vitality.  In life, the “breath” represents what is the most important to us.  The breath, literally, is our life force and something we cannot live without.  Yet 99% of the time, we breathe mindlessly, effectively living mindlessly.”

 It is important to keep this in mind as we move throughout our day, not only reserving it for our yoga class. You can find Sarah over at her website or on her facebook!

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