YogaForVets & WarRetreat #RNC Talking Points

As reported previously, Paul Zipes, founder of Yoga For Vets is in Tampa teaching free yoga classes to the delegates of the Republican National Convention.

Known as Oasis, this is the second time this effort has been provided at a political convention to provide relaxation through good food, massage, and yoga. It is being co-produced by HuffPo founder Ariana Huffington and Yoga Entrepreneur Seane Corn of Yoga Off The Mat and Into The World. 

Former US Navy diver Paul Zipes is a well-known advocate, whose mission has been to serve veterans by helping them find stress reduction through Yoga and other forms of exercise. He also is a StandUp Paddleboard instructor and works with veterans through former Navy SEAL Ed Naggiar’s StandUp Paddleboards for Vets (SUPV).

We’ve crafted talking points to bring attention to the cause of veterans.

Talking Points prepared for the RNC by YogaForVets & WarRetreat

1. Yoga For Vets lists over 500 teachers, studios, and health clubs offering 4 free classes to combat veterans. 

2. Yoga has been shown to reduce the physical effects of war-related trauma, stress, and PTSD. (Warriors At Ease list of studies)

3. No matter how you feel about war, we must care and commit to the long-term health & well-being of our veterans.

4. Veterans are strong and capable. Communities can assist with transition by creating opportunities for inclusion that ensure their well-being and success.

5. Military Families are due opportunities to help them transition to happy, creative civilian lives.

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