Coming up in Las Vegas: Donation class to fund yoga for vets

Jillian has been asked to teach Trauma-Sensitive yoga classes at Nellis Air Force Base and the Las Vegas VA Hospital. The hitch? As of now, the Veterans administration nor the military are offering to fund the classes. So, we have to fund it ourselves.

On 17 June, Sunday, Jillian will be teaching a donation yoga class to raise money to pay for mats, straps, blocks, and blankets. The class will be for all levels. A one hour vinyasa class with plenty of restorative poses to help everyone tune-in, de-stress and breathe.

The location is:   Studio 222 Personal Training Centers   8645 W Flamingo Rd #104, Las Vegas, NV 89147  at 10:00 AM.

Please see the official notice on Facebook, and rsvp.

In addition, our deepest thank you to Semper Fidelis Health & Wellness and Connected Warriors for coming forward, adopting WarRetreat, and sending both encouragement and funds to help get a yoga for veterans movement started in Las Vegas.

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