Wanted: Straps, Blankets and Blocks for new classes for veterans

Jillian has been asked to teach a few classes for the Las Vegas VA Hospital, and Nellis Air Force Base.  One class will be for the MOVE program, the other is through the Health and Wellness Center on base. Jillian is designing a class for the veterans to help them become aware of how their bodies feel as they move, in addition to teaching them to connect movement and breath with relaxation.

We’re looking for yogis with a few too many unused bricks, straps and blankets who want to lighten the contents of their home, and donate their new or slightly used props for our classes.  If you send 2 blocks, we prefer ones that are the same size, and please wash the blankets to save Jillian a trip to the laundry mat!  Lululemon in Las Vegas has donated ten brand new mats. (Thank you Lululemon Las Vegas!).  The equipment is all going to stay with Jillian, as she turns her car into a portable yoga studio (aka The Breathe Mobile).  The classes start in June, and we’d love you to send us extra props that are cluttering your house. Of course, if you’re a Las Vegas area yogi who wants to donate, that’d be great to make that connection.

Jillian needs:

  1. 20 Blocks
  2. 10 Straps
  3. 20 Mexican Blankets
  4. Collapsible cart to fit into the Breath Mobile (see below).

Please reach us by hitting the “contact” us button at the top of the page.  Kanani will be attending the classes with Jillian to do the modified poses (which is all I do anyway) and help haul stuff from the Breath Mobile into the classroom.

Tell us what you think!

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