Marines Are Leaders: Now and Forever

By Elijah Sacra, Semper Fidelis Health & Wellness

Wounded Warrior Battalion East, Camp Lejeune, April 2012 with the SFHW Warrior Wellness Team: Cheryl LeClair, Clarissa Kussin, Elijah Sacra

The following are the words of the Bravo Company Commander following the SFHW Warrior Wellness Team successful implementation of the FIRST & ONLY Juicing | Smoothie |Super Food Program for Wounded Warriors at Wounded Warrior BN East Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune.  United States Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Regiment.

“Marine are leaders, and if you are going to continue to lead in life-you need to learn how to lead yourself.  Just like you stepped off the bus onto the yellow footprints at Parris Island into the unknown and made  a transformation in 12 weeks, you can do the same thing with your own Health & Wellness.  It starts with a single step and your results will spread out to Corps, your family, friends and the community in a ripple effect.  We are all here because of my favorite four-letter word.  It starts with an “L” and ends with an “E” and that’s LOVE. 

We didn’t become a Marine because we have to-we did it for LOVE of Country.  The bonds that are forged while serving in the Corps will last forever.  In the Marine Corps the motto Semper Fidelis  describes and signifies our dedication, loyalty and commitment to each other, our organization, and our “Corps and Country” even after leaving service. “For those that understand, no explanation is necessary.” “For those that do not understand, no explanation is possible.” 

THE THREE CORPS VALUES: Honor, Courage, Commitment make up the bedrock of the character of each of you. They are the foundation of the Corps. These three values, handed down from generation to generation, have made you the Warrior Elite and the Tip of the Spear in the defense of our great Nation.“  

So, today we want to thank you folks from Semper Fidelis Health & Wellness for taking the time to come here today and being at the Tip of the Spear in creating a Paradigm Shift in Wounded Warrior Education & Training.  We Salute You.

 DEFINITION OF AN INDIVIDUAL LIVING A WELLNESS BASED LIFE: Individuals who live life as fully as possible within the seven dimensions of wellness (emotional, environmental, vocational, physical, spiritual, intellectual, social). Regardless of socioeconomic status or health conditions, individuals can live useful, active and productive lives. GET SOME WELLNESS.