Writing Contest: Consider It.

Just heard from Donna of the Tiferet Journal, which describes itself as

“A non-sectarian, non-dogmatic publication and organization, TIFERET aims to further meaningful dialogue about what it is to be humane and spiritual in an often contradictory and confusing world. We’re dedicated to promoting peace and tolerance in our readers and in the world… and to educating people on how to write meaningful poetry and prose from a deep inner place.”

They’re accepting submissions for their 2012 Writing Contest, with $1200 in prizes for poetry, short story (fiction) and best interview or essay (non-fiction).  Details are on their website at Tifferet Journal.  Works are being accepted until 1 June. Entry fee (per piece) is $20.

Please read through the website to see if there is a match up between what you write, and what they want to read.

Donna indicates that they DO need volunteers.

Note: Okay. So I happen to think writing is an incredible way to gain perspective on where you are now, what you want, what happened then, how you feel about it, and where you want to go next. Since these wars started, a lot of veterans, active duty, and family members have started writing. No pressure. Just be aware these opportunities exist.





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