WarRetreat Thanks Yoga Teachers For Being Leaders

“What I learned is that a leader isn’t good because they are right. A leader is good because they are willing to learn and to trust.”  -Stan McChrystal

WarRetreat wishes to thank the large number of yoga teachers, studios and organizations who are actively reaching out to service members and their families to bring stress reduction through yoga, movement and breath.

Whether or not you realize it, or whether or not you like it, your decision as a yoga teacher to step up marks you as a leader. Watch this video by retired four-star-general Stanley McChrystal on leadership.

  • Check out
  • Yoga For Vets (for a national listing of participating yoga studios)
  • Connected Warriors
  • There And Back Again
  • Yoga Warriors
  • Warriors At Ease
  • Give Back Yoga Foundation


2 thoughts on “WarRetreat Thanks Yoga Teachers For Being Leaders”

  1. Thank you all for your contributions to those who serve and have served and have thus discovered post-combat stress and are seeking alternative forms of care and recovery. We at Wellness-For-Warriors in North Carolina were greatly thankful for your contributions as we watched RESTREPO in DC with 2 of the soldiers in the film. It was truly powerful, and those young men wanted nothing more than to save lives. Now … I hope daily that they craft their own lives so that they may be mentors for other warriors as they find their continued purpose.

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