Upcoming Events: Camps & Retreats

If you haven’t found us on Facebook, you might want to “like” our page. Every day, we share links that often don’t appear here. Here are upcoming events. 

Operation Purple Camp (Nationwide)Applications will be available in March. Sierra Club, the National Military Family Association work with partners to send thousands of military children to camp each summer for one week –for free. Do keep tabs on the NMFA site for applications, and start thinking about a kid ages 7-15 who could really use the break this summer. Watch this video, and then come back to read the other events listed below.

Veterans Retreat (NY)  Claude Anshin Thomas, a Vietnam veteran will hold his well known retreat for veterans, active duty, families and friends. Thomas, who lived with the debilitating effects of PTSD is now a Buddhist monk. The retreat is to address the trauma of war, reduce stress, and bring a community together. If you cannot afford this retreat, please let the know –scholarships are available, “don’t let money be an issue.” This retreat is non political and non religious. Watch this video and come back to see the final event listed below. 


Free Yoga Class (Hopkinsville KY)  This class meets on Wednesdays from 5:00 – 6:00. One hour north of Fort Campbell, the class is open to veterans and their families and is sponsored by Connected Warriors Yoga.

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