Taking Some “You Time”

During many yoga teacher trainings, the topic of seva is often covered in great detail. For my RYT, YogaFit requires us to complete at least 8 hours of community service yoga, bringing our new teaching skills to groups of individuals who otherwise may not be able to have a yoga experience.

But many of us are cramming in working a “regular job” with teaching, with family and friends and LIFE. Last night while sitting on the deck after work I finally realized I was not in Michigan anymore. I have been living in Las Vegas since September and I had yet to take a minute to myself to realize everything that had been going on. Since getting here I have been working non-stop, while going to school full time, trying to set up a Trauma-Sensitive yoga program at Nellis Air Force base and at the VA hospital here. Fitting in time for seva, is few and far between and I know I’m not the only person who feels this way.

Sometimes it is alright to just say “no”. You don’t have to volunteer for everything that comes your way. Sometimes it is more important to take a day off for yourself, just to chill out and breathe instead of working for 11 hours and then going home to do more work. It is perfectly fine (and actually a great thing in the long run) when you realize it is important to take time for yourself. It is hard to not feel like you are letting others down when you say “no”, but honestly, what good will you be to anyone when you are overworked and overstressed? Exactly :)

 Your Assignment (for veterans, active duty or families), due by January 1: So I have a homework assignment for everyone who reads this entry. Tonight just take 10 minutes for yourself. Set a timer and go read, take a bath, or just bundle up and go sit outside and watch the sunset. In your own way, take a break, forget about anything you had going on before the “you time” and set aside anything you have to do after it. Think of it as seva for yourself.

The first five commenters either on our Facebook Page or this blog, will receive their choice of Tibetan Prayer Flag from the Tibetan Nuns Project or a copy of The Military Wives Cookbook by Carolyn Quick Tillery (we have three of the cookbooks). Assignment & comment must be posted by January 1.

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