We love our contributors

Did you know that if you contribute an article or event to WarRetreat, we’ll send you a Tibetan Prayer Flag from the Tibetan Nuns Project?  You can even use our easy Press Release Maker.  Sending people who make our blog a community effort a gift is our way of showing our appreciation for their generosity and diligence. Here, Kriste Gerhard of the blog, Patriotic Hippie Chick shows us hers.  

They are absolutely PERFECT! This is where I have my morning coffee. I read the news and look out the window at the squirrels and the birds; the view out this window has become very special to me and the flags have made it even better. If you look in the lower right, you’ll see Buddha sitting on a flat, black river rock and a tiny white elephant next to him. The window on the right is stuck shut… so it’s now chock full of various bits and pieces that are special to me. On the left? Well, I have zero counter space so my cooling racks are on the desk. Really glad right now that I went with the stackable set! This is my favorite place to write and use the laptop but I’ve been spending a lot of time at the larger table behind me for Operation Card Stitch. Thank you again! Namaste

One thought on “We love our contributors”

  1. I’m trying to think of something deeply introspective or witty to express my gratitude for you gratitude, but I got nuttin’. So I’ll just go with: Ommmmm. Namaste.

    Also, I put up two blog posts on 12/20 that some might enjoy. It’s a story in two parts with themes of the fine line between Warrior and Criminal and how Loyalty and Honor, at times, run just as stronger in the later as they do in the former.

    The posts are titled, “Nate – Part I: Into the Blackness” and “Nate – Part II: You are what you do when it counts.”

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