In San Francisco: New Year’s Event With Honoring The Path Of The Warrior


Fierce Intention In The New Year
Coming Together For A Day Of Meditation,
Mindfulness, Qi Gong and Writing 

Saturday, January 7th, 9am to 5pm

Free, Lunch Included. Need A Ride? Let Them Know.

Non denominational, open to Persian Gulf vets or who have served since 2001.

Registration info is below.
Mindfulness Care Center, 42 Gough Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

Click to be taken to Honoring The Path website

Turning from the old and the dark  – it takes fierce intention to stay with building a new life.

Join with the support of other veterans in this new year retreat to fiercely set goals about how you want to live.   We will spend the day together igniting this intention and finding the way forward.  The day will include:

    • An introduction to Traditional Chinese Internal Martial Arts
  •     Sensory Awareness and meditation  to cultivate clarity and steadfastness.
  • Writing and journaling as tools for exploration and finding what lies ahead.

Scott Philips, our guest instructor for the Martial Arts, will be teaching us to:  “Cultivate Emptiness in Motion” – an introduction to Traditional Chinese Internal Martial Arts, as meditation, healing, and the expression of one’s true nature.
Roger Housdon, our guest instructor for the wrting portion, says: “I teach soul memoir. Soul memoir is where your outer life meets your inner world. It uses the raw material of your life story to reveal the deeper intelligence of your inner journey. Through a variety of exercises,you are encouraged to reach down into the events of your life and find the deeper layers of wisdom and healing that may lie within them.”

“When I heard about the mindfulness/ meditation event, I was enthusiastic about getting together with other veterans. I was apprehensive about being in a group, but I felt instantly at home.” - Mike Smith, US Army, OIF Vet


Honoring the Path of the Warrior is a program that assists post 9/11 and Persian Gulf veterans in making a positive transition from military to civilian life. We provide a pathway of meditation and mindfulness that welcomes, honors, and integrates their service and leadership.

Our programs combine nature and engaging physical activities; meditation, Sensory Awareness and mindfulness practices. The intent is to provide Veterans with connection, community and tools that support them in using their strengths and experiences to find a meaningful and productive path in civilian life.  Mindfulness-based interventions have proven to be successful at transforming stress, anxiety and trauma in a number of diverse populations and are being used within the VA system for returning veterans as well as deployed soldiers.

HPW is a San-Francisco-based non-profit organization under the fiscal sponsorship of the San Francisco Zen Center.

PLEASE REGISTER!  Give Army Veteran Dyan Ferguson a call at 415-310-7075.

Please consider supporting this very important work!  Make a tax-deductible contribution through our fiscal sponsor, San Francisco Zen Center.  To donate online, please go to:

You can also join our mailing list for event notices and news about us here:

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