WarRetreat Letter Writing Campaign

An example of the letters a friend and I wrote for a chaplain to distribute in Iraq over Easter, Passover and Mother's Day.

We get pretty tired of what we see as the insularity of the yoga community. That is, the unwillingness to relate to others not on their path.

Truth be known, yoga is more about the mat, the clothes, promoting one style of yoga over another, the bending and twisting.  WarRetreat offers yoga doers the chance to tap into the potential of their practice off the mat. We think of it as the true test of balancing: service.

We’re kicking off a new project today.  We heard from an Army Sargeant, who gave us the names of three of his soldiers who weren’t getting any mail. As a result, Dave, Jillian and I are taking them under our wing. We’re sending cards to them in Afghanistan.

Letters are so easy to write. We buy notecards by the box at someplace like TJ Maxx or Marshalls. Usually we can get a box of them for under $5. Then we take them to work and ask co-workers to sign them. The notes are placed into a Small Flat Rate Priority Mail Box and sent. Last year, Dave kept a box of cards at the yoga studio. Those who wanted, wrote an encouraging note.

While we’re not at liberty to share the names and addresses of our soldiers, there’s a soldier in every community serving somewhere today. We encourage you to look and ask around –go over to your local student veteran’s center at the community college, the VFW, Elk’s Lodge, American Legion, college ROTC, National Guard Armory to see how you can be of service. Just remember, if you’re sending for the holidays, the deadline for delivery by Xmas is December 10.

“Your life can only be balanced through service. Give love.” -Swamijii Chidananda Saraswatjii

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