My Yoga Space: Down Dog Time…

The good thing about a yoga mat is it isn’t hard to move. My yoga space is on a consistent rotation between the living room, the extra room and the bedroom depending on the day. It also depends on where I feel like I’ll be able to successfully practice without my dog thinking its puppy play time.

I don’t think it really matters where you “space” is, all that matters is that you have one. It doesn’t even need to be a space for yoga essentially, it just needs to be a place you can go where you can take some time for yourself and begin to come back to yourself. Putting everything that is going on around you on hold for a small amount of time and just being present.

My Yoga Space is a weekly feature on the WarRetreat blog. If you have a home yoga space, and you are actively committed to working with veterans, active duty and the war community, send your picture along with a blurb to WarRetreat at gmail dot com.

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