The Warrior or Yes, Sometimes We Can Be Bears

Sometimes we have to be a bit of a bear while trying to push past stereotypes that many civilians have in an attempt to bring those who have served to the mat. And really, Jillian and I are both very sorry if sometimes it seems we grunt a lot.

Last year at Kripalu, the term warrior was bandied about. Several people wanted to know if veterans would object to a pose being called Warrior Pose. Another person said she called her students yoga warriors. Jillian and I watched this conversation –mainly between people who like most of America, had very little interaction or experience with people in the armed forces. It’s true, today the word warrior is applied to everything, and when thinking of oneself as one, it can be a transformational thought. But to us, Warrior has a different meaning, one that is intertwined with a set of cultural and institutional beliefs, and more to the point, going through a system to attain the title.

Run by former Army Ranger Beau Chatham, Warrior Life Coach covers a variety of topics to help veterans find a positive path.

So I raised my hand. “Someone who has served, and especially one who has been through combat has earned the right to be called a Warrior.”

For more on the warrior ethos, veterans issues and finding a positive path, please go see my friend former Army officer Beau Chatham, of Warrior Life Coach

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