Want to offer yoga to veterans? Advice from a Marine.

Hugo Patrocinio, US Marine Corps. Photo from There And Back Again, a veteran reintegration organization. Click photo to be taken there.

“My advice for anyone wanting to offer a yoga class to veterans without any military experience: Be Yourself. The military community can seem kind very tough, it’s in our nature. Be yourself, respect the service men and women, learn about the culture, learn about the things we do. Most important be genuine, be in tuned with your intuition, and learn from these men and women who have been through so much.”  -Hugo Patrocinio, US Marine Corps

Good friend Hugo Patrocinio talks on a radio show with Give Back Yoga Foundation’s Rob Schware speak about its new program Giving the Gift of Yoga to Veterans. Give Back Yoga Foundation is raising funds to send Yoga Nidra CDs to veterans to help counter the effects of traumatic stress and PTSD suffered by 37% of those who have deployed. The goal is to make the materials free to veterans. The goal is to have the materials ready by November, and donations may be made at their site.   Radio hosts Jessica Durivage and Dianne Ferraro are teachers who admit they have little to no experience with military or veterans, which to their credit –they’re asking questions and taking the first steps to getting involved. Listen to their show, “Where’s My Guru?”

Hugo, today, with the Art Reach Foundation where he volunteers for their Project America. Click photo to be taken to site.

Military community members might be put off by the whooshy sitar music, but get through it because Hugo has a lot to say.

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