Free eBook: “When Our Troops Come Home”

Here’s a great resource for veterans, active duty, families. Yoga teachers might find it of interest to understand the challenges facing our troops coming home.

 One of the most helpful groups for the current veterans of recent wars have been Vietnam veterans. The reason? They never wanted to see what happened to them when they came home in the 60’s and 70’s, happen again. Hence, shortly after the current wars began, Vietnam veterans have been at the forefront of the troop support movement. This neither means they were for or against the war: but it does mean they stand solidly behind the troops who go because it is their duty and job.

Ken Jones PhD, who goes by the twitter handle of AKVet (Alaska Vet), is a Vietnam veteran who helps with reintegration. His book, When Our Troops Come Home is available free through his website. This week, after much social networking, veterans and their families and friends have downloaded over 1,500 copies.

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In his own words:
“American troops are again returning from foreign wars. Again families will struggle to understand and resolve the effects of combat on their loved ones. Across the generations Vietnam veterans are reaching out to welcome American troops home – and to make sure that this generation of warriors will not have to endure what we did. When Our Troops Come Home is one such effort to help.”

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