About WarRetreat


What we’re about: Restoration and Recovery through the active life.

  • WarRetreat is a social networking platform to highlight organizations that help veterans through sports, outdoor recreation, yoga, and the arts. We also run articles on studies about trauma. Movement & breath have been shown to reduce stress, lower the blood pressure, and leads to an overall sense of well-being.  Organized activities give veterans and the family a sense of community.

We also share information through Facebook and Twitter @WarRetreat.

  • War Retreat is the home of the War Photographers’ Retreat held in honor of the late Tim Hetherington in 2011. (See photos below).
  • WarRetreat welcomes organizations and people to write posts for and share their events on this blog.
  • WarRetreat has a preference for organizations that are veteran-initiated and run.

Participants at the War Photographers’ Retreat in Cambridge MA

Journalist Dave Tobin & LtCol (Ret) Paul Fanning at the War Photographers’ Retreat.

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About Kanani Fong

Founder, WarRetreat.Org, devoted to helping with the aftermath of war through movement, breathe, and yoga. Army wife, long time mental health advocate, writer, specializing in military and veteran outreach for film and books. Projects include Restrepo, and High Ground.

5 thoughts on “About WarRetreat

  1. Namaste!
    So happy to have found this blog… I am active Army 27 years and Registered Yoga Teacher. I just penned and Published B.A.G.H.D.A.D. Yoga- A Shift in Consciousness : Fear to Love, War to Peace. My Manifesto: Show-up-SERVE-Shine!!
    Get Your Ommmm On!

    Visit: http://www.baghdadyoga.com

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