Feldenkrais Practitioner Joins The Team

Tiffany Sankary has joined our caregiving staff. Tiffany will be lead small groups through her Authentic Movement protocol.

“Tiffany Sankary is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner based in Boston, MA. Tiffany’s background as a visual artist informs her approach to the Feldenkrais Method. Curiosity, exploration and creativity are at the core of her practice. The integration of the changes she personally experienced from the Feldenkrais Method led her to dance, yoga and Authentic Movement. She works with a variety of populations including, dancers, athletes, seniors, and those who struggle with body image, neurological difficulties, eating disorders, and chronic pain.”

For more on Tiffany, please visit her website. We are pleased to have her on board.

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About Kanani Fong

Founder, WarRetreat.Org, devoted to helping with the aftermath of war through movement, breathe, and yoga. Army wife, long time mental health advocate, writer, specializing in military and veteran outreach for film and books. Projects include Restrepo, and High Ground.

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