Missouri Press Association: Helping Those Who Struggle in Joplin

Missouri Press Association

Yesterday, we were informed that 26 newspaper employees in Joplin Missouri had lost their homes. Much like the employees who suffered losses during Hurricane Katrina, many of the journalists and employees from the Joplin Globe continue to work as they struggle through the aftermath. A quick call to Missouri Press Association Director Doug Crews, produced another friend. The MPA will spread the word to its members, and we hope some of those from Joplin will apply to come. In the meanwhile, please consider making a donation to the Joplin Tornado Relief Fund set up by the MPA.  We’re glad to have the Missouri Press Association as a new friend. They’ve been added to our blogroll.

As a sidenote: The night before Tim’s memorial in NYC, I was sitting in my hotel room when I heard news of the tornado in Joplin. I dashed a sentiment on Facebook: Godspeed, to the people in Joplin. How fitting it is to reach out to the journalists who lived through, covered, and report on the disaster to this day.

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